Jack and Jill

Jack and Jill and their daughter, Lulu, were brought here when their owner
had to go back to India. The original idea was that they would all be shipped
to India. Yeah, right. That worked out as planned. Well, after a while I
realized I needed to re-home and I found Lulu a home. I still have Jack and
Jill. In the beginning they were left unexpectedly at the house where they all
lived. The room mates were supposed to take care of them, but when we got
there, it was not the case. They were all very bonded but it didn't take long
where the existing dogs and my affinity to have dogs cling to me, changed
them. I think Jack is a beagle/chihauhua and Jill (  who is said to be his sister)
is I think a Jack Russell/ Chihuahua. Jack has these killer eyes, but he is bad
and his mortal enemy is Bamm Bamm. I have never seen two dogs go at each
other like these two do. It's ridiculous and tests my patience.  Jill, is a sweet
dog who runs really, really fast. We call her Jilly Bean, Jilly Moose, and
Mooster. She makes a great pillow and I often wake up to find her under my
A dog and his nuzz