Nugget (Chihuahua) and Bamm Bamm  (Silky/Chihuahua) & Pebbles
Nugget and his mate, Lovey,  were adopted
about 10 years ago from Arni Foudnation.
Lovey was a female chi and Nugget a male
chi. They were  a bonded pair. I really
wanted her and not him. Originally, my
father's wife wanted them and asked me to
go get them. They were both from rescue so
I didn't know much about them. They were
my first rescue dogs. Unfortunately, they
were both runners and little Lovey somehow
got out and hit by a car.  I had not had her
long at all. Back then, before Florida law
changed, it was up to the adopter to go get
the dog neutered. I unfortunately did not do
so in a timely manner. He impregnated two
of my female dogs at the same time. They
had their puppies four days apart. I write this
story because it ends badly. I now would
have done things differently, but I just didn't
know back then. Bella, my beloved dog
(named before Twilight) died as a result of
one of the puppies tearing her inside. Bella
was Cookie's only surviving puppy and I
deeply loved this dog. As she lay dying in my
arms, her mother, Cookie tried to nurse her
babies. She didn't know she didn't have
milk. They were bottle fed for four days when
chihuahua, Zoey took them all in and
nursed 7 puppies. I ended up selling the
puppies and kept three of Nuggets children.
I later learned that I messed up again
because one of the terrier puppies went to a
bad home. I later saw her at the groomer
and she hated men. I can only imagine what
Nugget was about 4 years old then and that
puts him around 14 now. In the past year he
has gone down quickly. When I brought home
a million year old stray who only lived a month,
Nugget was amazing. He sat with us when
Charley was dying and stayed faithful and true.
Nowadays if I am not in his sight he yells out
like a child until I come get him. I have really
grown to love this little dog and I realize that
the little dog I didn't really want has been one
of the best friends I've ever had
Bamm Bamm and his sister Pebbles
are Nugget and Bella's children. I
made mistakes as a pet owner and I
never put them off on other people or
agencies. When his mother died when
he was born, I used to feed him on his
back with a glass vintage baby bottle.
He was a big boy and really sucked
down the milk. Pebbles looked just like
a pure bred Silkie and you would have
ever known her father was a chi.
Today Pebbles is living with my
daughter and comes to visit. She is the
body of her mother, Bella and the eyes
and demeanor of her sheepish, scared
of everything father. Bamm Bamm is
Jack's arch enemy and has really
caused me some major pain. They are
9 years old now.
Around Christmas, 2014, Nugget started downhill
very quickly. He died in a little sleep sack right
next to me peacfully in his sleep.