1/24/17 horrible day. Buddy through
unforeseen circumstances killed Bamm
Bamm,my little  prince who I bottle fed
when his momma died. Buddy had too
many chances. I had to put him down.
Now i'm mourning two losses. Buddy
came with Marcus from Miami. His
owner was not careful and didn't pay
taxes and lost everything. They were
supposed to go home Owner lied. He
didn't tell me Marcus had a dangerous
dog tattoo and Buddy had issues. I
loved Buddy so much. Marcus is living
with a man who has found through him
a life line. I had to protect the pack. It's
horrible. I miss them both so much but
Bamm Bamm only knew love and Buddy
was in and out of shelters and the pack
never accepted him. I miss my big guy
so much.
My beloved tree frog friend
Beatron lived here for almost two
years inside the house. She was
so awesome. We never believed
she was really a frog. But she had
to leave her body and was gone
one day . We buried her and miss
her still. I look for her in her spots,
but she isn't there.
Daisy Mae 10/15  OCAS
Nugget WAS
Bamm Bamm's daddy. He was a
rescue from Arnie a long time
ago with another chi. She was a
runner and died and Nugget
was here for a long, happy life.
He passed in my arms and
quietly during the night.
Fluffy was a temporary who had
sever issues and her parents were
going to put her down out of
desperation, but we bought some
time and a miracle drug was found
and she lived several more years
happy and loved.
Webber.. One year of living for
sale at the flea market and the next fourteen
plus years with me. He died in the sun and
never missed a meal. He was a good dog.
Bamm Bamm
01/25/2006 -
Bella was Bamm
Bamm's Mommy. She
died four days after
birth. She was
Cookie's daughter.
Nugget was
BammBamm's daddy.
My little pet store bird
someone nursed back to
health that I had five years.
She loved her Budgie bird
husband. One day I'm
putting a treat in their flight
cage on the back porch and
she flies out and away.
Never did she do this. I
thought she'd come back,
but hurricane Irma 2017 did
her in, .I dreamed I saw a
little yellow bird dead on
the ground.  
Budgie has passed on
Budgie and Penelope
Jack   8/30/2018
Big Bit... Betty  08/30/2018
this cute face is new. Too aggressive for
adoption at Halifax Humane Society. Owner
surrender but I think it was a breeder dump.
He is a puppy.=  RIP early 2018
My 87 year old father will miss this little
guy. He lived for about nine years and
about five in his house. He was a
return to a kill shelter. He just started
going down this month 1/2019 and he
had renal failure. Fair well my little
He's Back!
June 2019
Baby Girl
July 2019
mamary tumor