Samoyed :  Sacha

Sacha, Sacha Bear, Big Head, Woo Woo...all
these names go with only one large , hairy
dog. He is an arctic dog breed for herding
and keeping the shepherd warm, Of all the
breeds, the singing dog is very high
maintenance. This howling fur ball lives in
Florida, far, far from the Arctic. He was
purchased from a breeder for a large about of
money. One day his owner added up all the
receipts from his care and decided that the
dog cost too much money. Craigslist, you
have a new listin. $700.... Enter me and I say
to my friend,. "I'll find him a home." Once you
come to the Casa Rojas, you can check in but
you never check out.


Sacha loves to play, play, play. If
you take him to a dog park he
walks around twice and then
plops himself down at the gates
until he embarrasses you to
leave. If any one of the massive
dog pack is doing something he
shouldn't, you can count on
Sacha to woo woo until he gets
you up and out of bed to see
what is so important. Sacha
doesn't like car rides cause he
has a hard time getting in the car
and he doesn't like long walks.
He gets tired and wants to go
home, but God forbid you take
him to a parade. You will never
see something waddle away
sideways so fast to go home.
Finally, the biggest mistake you
can make with him is to take him
to a park where there are small
children. If one steps away he
promptly surrounds it and makes
it go screaming back to its
mother. In one sense, it's very
convenient but the parents aren't
always impressed.