Sophie ... Maltese
Day one of volunteering at Halifax Humane Society, I met Sophie.
I was on a volunteer only policy. NO adopting.  I have a lot of
dogs, but I only had one dog I had "chosen" which died after
almost 15 years. She was a silkie. I love having that one special
kid I take everywhere. Well, Sophie and Max the cat were brought
in to be euthanized by their owner's will. The owner wasn't
actually dead but going into a nursing home or something like
that. Sophie was ten. The above photo was taken when I first
brought her home. The others are later... Sophie hates being
groomed. I don't know what they did to her, but she can't stand it.
She has a two foot chomp radius and is very accurate. She
doesn't just bite, she chomps repeatedly with those little white
death clamps. I swear, giving her eye drops is like looking down
the barrel of a gun. She loves car rides, but everyone in the car
wants to kill her because she screams at the top of her lungs
every time she wants food. Her nose can sniff a McDonald's from
blocks away and the screaming begins.  Sophie is not that little
dog you think will just worship you. Oh, no. She is attitude on four
feet. She is now 11 years old and has become part of the pack.
She is definitely my special girl as long as I don't try to groom
her.... ever!
RIP my little girl.
You got three
and a half extra
years and I had
a friend who
flew on the
plane, helped
me test my dog
carrier and
chomp on my
fingers when I
tried to take
care of you. I'm
sorry I couldn't
save you. I wish
I could have.

November 7,