Lions and Tigers and Rhinos… Oh MY!

I wanted to help animals. This simple desire turned into a rather complex task. I heard about a rescue through Facebook that looked like it might be a worthy cause. They had pet adoptions on Saturday’s at Pet Smart in Palm Coast so I introduced myself and shortly thereafter performed the task of webmaster. Wanting to use my skills to help their organization, the website gave a perfect format. The pet adoptions gave me a great way to get photos and the site allowed me to post available animals so that many could see them who didn’t necessarily walk into the Petsmart. I helped take Santa photos, I had arranged to get Publix to allow donation bins in additional stores and I felt like my goal to help animals had a great start.

But! Bring people into the mix and all of a sudden some woman who called herself an “available light” photographer makes enough noise to get a memo sent out putting me in my place as someone who was only to enter new information on the site. Mind you, the site had increased to almost a five hundred a day hit average and animals posted and featured were typically adopted within a week and a half, but as the fruits of my offerings came in, the anger of the founder grew greater.

I realized while attending a city council meeting for the rescue to get an exception to keep performing its duties that the owner, who was asking for a 50 pet exception to zoning, considered these animals allegedly up for adoption “her pets.” Because she made such a connection with them, she refused to let go of many adoptable animals. If you check the site now, you would see adoptable dogs like pure breed pomeranians and chihuahuas that aren’t adopted after months. Why? Because you get questioned about everything and very often made to feel you are good enough for her animals.

Well, I for one walked away. Her exception was granted but she’s run into a problem with an unforeseen cost and is trying to raise that $5000. She also is running low on food donations. I wonder if maybe others are becoming aware that supporting someone’s good deeds that have major addendums and exclusions so that she can feel better about herself isn’t what they want to do. I know I didn’t.

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