The Best blogs are Ambien induced

It’s often been said that great artists have muses that inspire and carry word, paint and song to a greater place. The Muse is said to be one of the nine daughters of Zues who travel the world helping the mortal world become more poetic. Well, pharmacology has replaced the nine little trollops with Ambien. I KNOW  some folks prefer weed, but I can’t bring myself to intake that stuff and I don’t want to smoke anything and ruin and already fragile bronchial system.

Ambien has gotten me in trouble because it’s a bit of a truth serum  Ask me anything you want and my pure little heart answers it with truth. I’ve started websites, I’ve cooked very tasty ramen noodles in my haze and also have  found ambien, beer and sex to be the reason for a most memorable of nights.

There is something about a conscience mind that keeps us on paths. It is clear these paths can be shut down and turnd on again at will. The flight or fight mechanism is very important in our daily lives. I’m pretty sure that I have a working fight/flight, I just have differentiating opinions as to which brings best results. My favorite confrontation center has become Big Lots. Don’t know what it is about that place but me and the check out area there will some day end up on you tube and then on Nancy Grace trying to discuss the crime scene. The last time I had to choose fight or flight a black woman with three small children in a buggy, all with adorable beads tightly worked in their hair, had walked away to find cooking oil. She was in the process of checkout, but that ins’t the tale I”m telling. Her small child, maybe 18 months had climbed out of the buggy seat and started to stand on the top of the push bar. Having some motherly instincts, I lunged forward and blocked him. Being only blessed with some parental wisdom it was clear I had consumed the smart side of my instincts because when she returned from failing to find cooking oil, all she heard me say was “Don’t do that  you’re going to die.” Well, my little white girl humor did not set well with big mama. I chose to take the high road and apologized instead of telling her she should thank me his head wasn’t all over the packaged candy. It was obvious she would have liked to fight, but instead the three perfectly coiffed kids got her wrath. I try to make it a point not to engage a black woman. They are crazy in a good day, but you know you are in trouble if she reaches for that weave. As a white woman, I say… “RUN!”


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