Kill me softly

We all know about dog shelters. Animals go in and many don’t come back out. We whisper it to ourselves. We know what happens to animals “in there”.

Animal souls are different. It’s obvious something is going on in there behind those eyes, but really, it can’t be that big of a deal. I mean, if they were as important as humans, God would have made them to rule over the world not the other way around. Humans by choice through dog neglect and fighting or by ignorance by buying something you forget is alive and must be groomed, fed and loved, all commit the unpardonable animal sin.  What is that? Animals can just be euthanize if there are too many or we don’t want them.          You know what is worse than euthanasia? It’s watching the soul of a rescue animal being returned to a shelter. Can you imagine what it feels like to be brought there lost and confused in the first place? Then, someone’s eyes meet yours and you jump and wag your tail as hard as you can. Next thing you know you are looking back over the cages where you came from and you know you aren’t going back there tonight. But then the horrible happens and his girlfriend doesn’t like you or the kids pulled your tail and you bite them. What ever the reason you are back looking through those bars again. Euthanasia is kind compared to indecision and lack of commitment.

I’ve been volunteering with animals about five months. Today a little white terrier clung to me both arms wrapped around me neck. He was begging me not to put him back in the cage. I didn’t right away. I sat down and we just sat there for a while until a really sweet Indian lady took over. I don’t know if she took him home or not, but I’m sure soon this little guy, Tucker will go home soon.

There’s plenty of other souls which have spoken to me. There is Sugar who has played with toys by herself throwing them up into the air in the kennel. She drying up from a litter of puppies but she’s just a playful puppy herself. Karen isn’t too far from her. I’m not sure I’ve even seen her outside running off leash. She is brindle colored and pit mix. Of course she’s strong and a little crazy so I don’t know how much longer the kennel walls will be her main view. I’ve given her raw hide chews two days in a row because she isn’t one of the kids who get noticed. She relishes the chew chews and it gives her something to do…. until one day she can do it with a family.