Until death us do part

Romeo 2.0

Romeo 1.0 about 8 months old


When we think of our existence, we do it in a two dimensional world where there are restrictions and paradigms that must be followed. As I sit here right now, I’m lost and confused because I lost a foreclosure case with a lawyer of a family home of 73 years. I was cheated and they beat me. I’ve lost a lot of battles lately. The thing is I also get a lot of things others do not. The above photos are real and not enhanced. I got Romeo 1.0 from the local pound because he failed the temperment test and only a rescue could take him. His face was matted and he didn’t know how to love. I didn’t realize till I got home he was a male and a young male. I later learned he was a Brussels Griffon.

I don’t know why it happened but one of my dogs instigated something and a larger dog left Romeo on the floor. I took him to an emergency vet only to have them want me to force him to be euthanized. He was hurt and I held him as tightly as I could. I took a video of him. I forgot to mention. He bit and bit hard. I get a lot of those in the Yapping Chihuahua Rescue and you just have to deal with it. As Romeo was in my arms he blinked at me several times and then he was gone. As I rocked him and cried I swore I would get him back.

It took a little while but I was able to find a similar animal. They, at the time of Romeo’s death, were about the same age. The other dog was a former stud for a breeder and I flew up to the state where he was. It wasn’t easy finding a pure bred animal and when I got there I was offered a place to rest. Odin followed me in and we napped.

We said our goodbyes and the breeder said goodbye to her dog and off we went. I thought Romeo was already in the body because he responded to his name and he was doing things he used to do. When we got to the hotel room and crawled in bed, he took his usual place right above me on a pillow.

Romeo 2.0 came back with no biting and an extraordinary desire to never leave my side. He has become my service animal. When I post photos, the breeder says, “That’s not the same dog.” I felt badly, but I know her little Odin came back in a litter. Romeo is my service dog and is trained partially just by being away from me. He is the second dog I had to re-body this year.

My beloved yapping chihuahua himself was lying on my bed dead. Tragedy wouldn’t stop. It’s still not, but these intermittent gifts do come. I never thought I’d find a replacement because Stuey was so unusual, but serendipity stepped in and he had been waiting for me all along. The person who was supposed to buy him all of a sudden didn’t and although a ton of people wanted him, she sold him to me.

The Yapper himself

This guy was something else. Stuey was 13 when he was killed and had two broken arms when he was very young. Both have the exact same curly piggy tail. He’s loving his new body and still the leader of the pack. He knew exactly where to go and what to do. As I write he’s cussing someone out. He still pulls hair ties out of my hair, eats my earrings and most importantly, the one thing I didn’t know how I was going to live without…. He sleeps snuggled in a ball under my chin.

I don’t expect or care if anyone believes my stories. For me death had to be conquered and with help from the universal entity that binds all things, I have my loves still. I couldn’t bring them all back, but we hopefully have a long time left.

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