Meet the
Fur Kids
Beauregard Honeycutt Chastain III
Jill came with two
others and has
been here about 9
years. We lost jack
8/30/18 and Jill
fought to save him
against the animal
that killed him.
Kids that actually went back to owners or to new
Biggie... 3 months skin issues Rojas Spa treatment...
Lorna / bought for 50 dollars and left all day in bathroom.
Rescued and brought here... adopted

Lulu/ One of three dogs taken from
a house where students were.
Owner had to go back to India.
This dog is another one month resident. She was
saved from a very high kill shelter before going in. i
didn't think the owner would be able to take her back
but I said I'd keep her safe. As it turned out, a friend of
her owner wanted her badly and her wheelchair bound
child smiled broader than any smile I'd seen when she
saw Gypsy. Gypsy was my dream dog. I was very sad
when she had to go.
ButtersOCAS. Shelter pull. Long story short,
he wasn't available and I was able to save
Gypsy. Then he was available and a rescue
pulled for me. He is blind in one eye. Owner
died. His mate was gone too. He was
aggressive and two rescues walked away.
Yoda was given to me because the owner's
boyfriend didn't like him. Five years later the
boyfriend was  gone and Yoda went home.
Sylvia and Simba
Rode off into the sunset
with a man who lost his
jack russell
l to a pit bull
Maxx 2016 Halifax save
Reagan (shelter name Legs) and
Romeo came in back to back in Dec
2016. Neither was supposed to stay. I
was just to assess because Romeo
failed his test and was un-adoptable
and Legs could not be touched
without screaming. The shelter would
have no choice but to destroy these
animals without rescue. So... they
came to the day spa. I changed legs
to Reagan and she has joined the
pack and blossomed.
2/2017 Owner came forward and by
the grace of God, she got her baby
back. Lost 3 dogs during the
hurricane. Her real name is Little Bit.
Baby Girl
You will see Reagan in the
went home but she was
abandoned again..... so
here to stay (AKA little bit)
Cookie OCAS pulled and was too aggressive
for the rescues to keep alive. Last change
corral...  5/15... Given (cause I don't adopt) to an
ungrateful person, but he loves her so that is all
that matters.
Biggie is down below but he
too came back
Long story here... let's call hime RoRo
In fall of 2016 two Schnauzer's named
Maxx and Moosey sat at Halifax Humane
Society for three months. No one would
take them. 220 rescues were reached out
and not one. They are seniors. Now 13
and 14 and Pulled as a mercy pull, but I
fell in love with them the second I got them
home. You see they were really cage
aggressive and even separated but when
I  told them I was taking them home in a
few days they seemed to understand and
when they were escorted for their surgery
to adopt. they were quiet and peaceful.
Unfortunately I came home to a tragic loss
and Stuey will have to be moved to rainbow
bridge. I don't know what happened. But I
swear he's still here with me.
There is always that special one that is
so special that you can't even get a
picture of him. Oh, Nico. You were a
favor for a friend when she had to move
far away. She rescued you from death
and helped you get well and no one
claimed you forever. Well, damn it,
that's what we do around this nut barn,
so here you live. .. Usually under a
blanket. The boy is tweaky.
Lilly one of the few adoptions. Her mom got
very ill so she is back here waiting for her little
child who is about 6 and hoping her mother
gets well again. She was an interception from a
kill shelter. An elderly gentleman was worried
he would fall.
Truffles is paralyzed. She is
a sweet little girl. Needs extra
help but is a happy kitty
Every now and then there is
an animal that no one can
help. Her photo is blurry
because she won't stand still.
Three months ago this photo
would have been through a
cage and lifeless. Her story is
she came from St Croix via
the ASPCA with about 50
dogs. This one had a puppy
and of course it was adopted.
They called her Myra. I
offered to socialize her
which I did at another
location. She was not really
that receptive. I realized she
didn't respond to key words.
Then I realized she spoke
Spanish. That helped a lot.
Then some stupid person
mad at me accused me of
neglect and the shelter
called her back. She was
there about three months
and no one could get close
to her and make a
connection. I saw a feed and
was angry she was still there.
I had, toward the end,
brought her to the dog pack
and I guess she liked it. I
adopted her and when she
came here she was a new
dog. She also got a chi puppy
out of the deal. The one she
lost was replaced with a little
boy almost the same age and
they play, play, play. She isn't
perfect. She is tweaky and
nutsso but I can hold my
hand and say, "Honey Bee,
bessos " and she gives my
hand a kiss. I liked Honey
Bee much better than Myra.
She is a very happy, fast girl.